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Wisdom InterView #6: Matt Champoux: Revelling In The Wisdom Of Ashtanga Yoga, Buddhism, And Birdsong

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“There are definitely Ashtangis out there who think if they do all the series perfectly they’ll become enlightened. God bless them for their enthusiasm, but there is no physical prerequisite for enlightenment.”

Matt Champoux Biography

Matt has been a student of yoga since 2000 and is an internationally recognized teacher with 500+ hours of training. Based in San Francisco, he directs a Mysore program at The Mindful Body and teaches Vinyasa with Yoga Tree. He is a lifelong student of yoga philosophy (Hindu and Buddhist) and the shamanic traditions of Amazonia. These traditions inform and color his teachings on vinyasa and Ashtanga as taught by his root teachers, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor.

In addition to studies with Richard and Mary and in Mysore, with Sharath and Pattabhi Jois, Matt has spent years Iyengar teachers and other therapeutic yoga methods. Of the numerous teachers and mentors he’s had over the years…

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