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Wisdom Interview #5 Constance Kassor Ph.D.: 84,000 Doors To The Dharma

My latest interview!

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“It is said that there are 84,000 doors to the dharma. That is, there are countless different ways to go about understanding Buddhism. If you’re inclined toward meditation, find a local sangha to sit with on a regular basis. If you’re more academically-oriented, start out by reading some books. Buddhist teachings are vast and varied; no single person will be able to identify with all aspects of Buddhism at once.”

I first met Connie in Kathmandu, Nepal in the summer of 2009. We were attending a 2 month course in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy at the International Buddhist Academy. I was a rather unknowing yoga teacher who showed up to this course only to realize we were studying some of the most advanced Buddhist philosophy there is. To be specific, we were studying Gorampa’s commentary of Nagarjuna’s MulaMadhyamakakarika. I was very much in over my head with the material but I…

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