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Wisdom InterView #3: Amandine Roche: An Invitation To Heal, Bringing Peace To Afghanistan

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“Spending more than 15 years in the field, I have faced nearly all the major traumas a human being can face. This includes internal traumas: intimidation, physical and psychological harassment, rape, burglary, burnout, cerebral malaria, dysentery, parasites and external traumas: such as detention, bombing, kidnapping, assassination, death threats, earthquakes and suicide bombings. Many of my colleagues have died and the ones who survived have yet to recover from their traumas.

Yet, I see all these traumas as an invitation to heal myself. “

I am beyond excited to share this interview with you all. Discovering Amandine’s story and how she has transformed obstacles into spiritual strength is one I feel privileged to include in Vasudhaiva’s Wisdom InterView series. It turns out Amandine had attended some of my Ashtanga Yoga classes in Kathmandu, Nepal a few years ago but I did not realize this until months afterward when I connected with…

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