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Wisdom InterView #2: Christian Bernert: Translating The Words Of The Buddha

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“There is an estimate that less than 5% of the Buddha’s teachings in Tibetan have been translated into modern languages. I don’t know how accurate this estimate really is, but it expresses a reality: a lot remains to be done, and time is running out! Why? Because the living tradition holding the knowledge necessary to unlock the wisdom contained in some of those texts is slowly disappearing.”

Welcome to our second Wisdom InterViews session with Buddhist Translator, Christian Bernert.  I first met Christian in passing when I was studying at the International Buddhist Academy in Kathmandu back in 2009. We exchanged a few brief words and I knew quietly then that he was to be my future friend. But Christian left the country while I completed my study program that summer only to return when I was leaving, so we never had a chance to really have a conversation. It…

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