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Wisdom InterView #1: Ramesh Bjonnes: Tantra, Sex, Ecology, and Keeping It Real.

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“If we want to be successful yogis, we need to be spiritual athletes, spiritual warriors—without that kind of determination, we will simply become armchair yogis, intellectual yogis, or posture yogis—good at reading and practicing asana but poor at understanding the deep, inner workings of the heart and mind.”  

I first became acquainted with Ramesh Bjonnes through his writing on Elephant Journal a few years ago. From the beginning, I knew this was a provocative and original voice that the modern yoga and contemplative studies community would benefit to hear. I was happy (and a bit nervous) to finally meet Ramesh when I was leading my first retreat at Prama Institute in the summer of 2011. It was there that our friendship began. Now many karmic intersections since, Ramesh remains an inspiration, a debate partner, and a dear friend to me that I visit with in the U.S. and in…

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