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A Daily Dance

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On a lighter note: These days, I keep a daily dance schedule. Usually a living room jig..sometimes several. My husband often joins me (or catches me since I occasionally choose to jump into his arms as part of my spontaneous routine). While dance and movement was a method of mind-training and heart-training at an early age, it did not begin to be a genuine expression of humor and joyous celebration until more recently. Dance was a part of my life as a performance artist, which in my 20’s was a very somber quest and serious practice for healing via the expulsion of my demons and reinstatement of my sanity and strength. (There is a more clear description of those dance years on my website page, “early years” Now years later, dance is an expression of a more sane and stable mind as well as a more capable heart.

While we may be on a quest to find the “Correct View” in the absolute sense…the reality beyond appearances, and as that does indeed entail a lot of discipline and practice, I have also found a jiggy jig jig can also help break down the potential for the mind to cling to numerous objects in the relative realm, including ideology and its practical applications.

Image: by Christine Love Hewitt. Boudha. Nepal.



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