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Death Of A Friend


I woke up this morning to the news that my old friend from massage therapy school, Healey has died a few weeks after receiving a stem cell transplant and several years of facing cancer. She was 33 years old. It makes me quiet. It makes me cry. It reconfirms my values of taking my speech, thoughts, and actions and putting them through an uncompromising examination and not indulging ANY that do not support, reflect, or invest in the development of love, compassion, and wisdom. Period. Every breath, every moment is a precious opportunity to develop beauty and wellbeing or create destruction and harm. And regardless of our spiritual views— whether we believe that we live one life or many lives, that really should not have a huge impact on how we relate to the quality of our minds and hearts on a day-to-day basis. And we get a trillion chances in a single life to understand and to shape our interior life more beneficially by observing how we relate to other beings. It is an opportunity and ultimately a responsibility that we must hold in the forefront of our spiritual gaze.

One may be dying but not suffering at all. Yet, many of us are living and suffering greatly. Let us hope we do not wait until our last breath to realize the immense value of removing everything in our mental landscape that poses a barrier to love and compassion and readily embraces a sacred taste for life. Untie the knots, let go of the grudges, dismantle the “safety” nets, tolerate the differences, and learn to love yourself and others, in spite of conditions you find intolerable. Like many great spiritual teachers have said again and again, it is the most difficult beings that need to be put in the center of our hearts. Can you find that strength? Do you have that courage? For all my failings, I continue to try. I realize that the only consequence in not doing it, is suffering more and loving less. So really, I have nothing to lose except my arrogance, fear, and pride. For when love is unchained and nurtured, we not only leave a trail of liberated loving light, we also perhaps, show others that brilliant potential rests within them as well.

Crossover in peace Healey.



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