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Outside Our Tradition

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Ultimately, if our spiritual practice is working, it should inspire an effort to extend our understanding, our social network, and our acts of service to those in traditions outside our own. We become more interested in the value of comparative study through developing a mature dialogue with others to see the limits of your own comprehension and to shed light on our own potential biases. When our practice gives us a sensibility to witness the universal undercurrents that thread our human experience together in compassion and tolerance—we become great reflections of our own chosen tradition. After 13 years of practicing Yoga and almost 10 years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga I have to say some of the most insightful relationships I have had spiritually have often been with those who do not practice Ashtanga Yoga. Studying the spiritual life of those not within my tradition has allowed me to witness the shape of mine more clearly. And when I took refuge formally as a Buddhist, I found that studying the buddhadharma has only aided my reverence for and understanding of Yogic thought and practice.


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