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Why Being A Hot Mess Is Perfect For Yoga


Do you feel confused and lost? Do you feel a little (or a lot) neurotic? Do you feel like you do not know who you are? Do you feel like your life does not reflect who you want to be? Do you feel overwhelmed by worn out, sneaky old patterns of suffering that subbornly still prevail? Then, GREAT! Yoga is for you.

If we are to reference the highly regarded, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for a decent definition of Yoga, then it is good to remember that it is based on several VERY important tenants and actually the path depends on these conditions for there to be any Yoga practice to begin with! Some of the biggest teachings of Yoga are these:

1. You do not know who you really are.

2. The cause of all your suffering and confusion is because you do not know who you are.

3. This mis-identification causes you to identify with what you are not which includes pretty much everything you are experiencing right now (mind and body).

4. This mis-identification process is largely fueled by obstructions and afflictions in the mind.

5. There is a way to discover your true “identity” (or non-identity) and relieve all conditional states you now posses that are a never-ending spiral of loss and gain, death and birth, discord, temporality, confusion, and pain.

6. The way out is into the mind and heart.

7. To truly master the mind and heart means burning away your obscurations and attaining a deep, profound clarity through various means.

8. Yoga practice works by the reducing afflictions and obstructions in the mind, heart, and body.

So the good news: If you are a hot mess, you are perfect for Yoga.

Actually, it is a requirement. Try to remember this when you are finding excuses as to why you should not practice.



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