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Samadhi Is Not An Attainment

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Samadhi is not an attainment.

At least not in any sense we determine an attainment to be in our daily waking life. Once we “return” from samadhi it is ignorance and i-ness that wishes to treat it like something that ironically, secures the ego’s worth and development, when samadhi is a teaching to cultivate an opposite response. Samadhi is unrivaled clarity and an awakening to the indivisible luminosity outside the flimsy sheath of our ego and i-sense. In samadhi there is no “experience” and no ego, nothing to gain or hold onto or prove or even share with someone else. All such notions are rendered ridiculous and even funny. Before samadhi there is the aspiration. After samadhi there is the memory that we would be wise to regard with reverence, humility, love, and even awe, but never treat as an object, held tightly to secure our worth along the spiritual path.



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