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Change It.

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If the model you are living, working, leading, parenting, teaching, and studying in right now is not working—change it.

My worst day in my new life is better than my best day in my old life.

Yes, you will not be able to spin your old rationalizations for why you cannot do this or that or be this or that. Yes, you will no longer be allowed to empower all the “buts” in your mind as to why you cannot make a change. Yes, destroying an old model for your life can be scary. Yes, you will need courage, wisdom, and love to create a new sustainable vision. Yes, remaking your life means you must remake and transform your mind, beliefs and thereby your perception. Yes, you may not be in a community that supports these changes. But all we have to lose is to be uncomfortably comfortable and a suffering we have told ourselves is “workable”—when we know better! That sounds like a good way to waste our precious human life and our precious daily breath. And if we find it in ourselves to think and live outside our previous paradigm we may realize that perhaps the old model was just someone’s idea we adopted as our own without any significant investigation. And if this is the case maybe our lives should be supported from the intimacy of our own imagination and a surrender to an inner call to live a life that reflects a more wondrous, ecstatic dance of our greater unfolding potential.



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