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The Inevitable Retreat




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Ultimately, if we are serious about the path of enlightenment or liberation, we have to become serious about understanding the nature of our minds and thereby our emotional life, our psychology, and our body. If we are serious about wanting to understand the nature of our minds, then we will inevitably reach an impasse where we will see that ultimately—much to our ego’s initial chagrin—that spending an extensive amount of time in retreat with a steady, focused practice is needed. Distraction and stimulation will fall behind our list of priorities in favor of insight, wisdom, and razor sharp awareness. To get as intimate as we can with ourselves, there comes a point where a willingness to renounce many aspects of life most other people could not imagine living without, becomes a joyous choice. Ironically, this commitment to understanding self leads to greater degrees of selflessness and the ability to practice and thrive in retreat often creates human minds that are more radiant, nourishing forces when they re-enter society.





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