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Today’s Teaching: Body Wisdom

In todays class, the dharma talk was about “body wisdom” which I define as how emotional and psychological purification occurs via working deeply into the gross level of our being, better known as the body. Anyone who has committed decades of practice to deep work in the body via asana practice, massage, and other forms of bodywork, the reality that one can free themselves of self-limiting beliefs and that conscious and unconscious negative samskaras can be purified through the body is almost a given. However, this understanding of the body being used this way is largely something that has received little if no attention (to my knowledge) in traditional contemplative practice including Buddhism and it is here that an interesting dialogue could be had between long-term practitioners of meditation and what could be termed as “contemplative bodyworkers.” Traditionally, it is often viewed that the more subtle the practice the more “higher” it is. But this is perhaps way too simplistic and a theoretical division that doesn’t acknowledge the intelligence of body AS mind. If one is interested in exploring a dialogue between traditional and contemporary contemplative practice as well as Yoga and Buddhism, one deeply enriching place to explore would be how the subtle realm of our mind including memory, emotions, and concepts is accessed, triggered and even healed through the body.



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