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Today’s Teaching (from the airport in Muscat, Oman)

So many Yoga teachers are teaching that Yoga is the “dis-identification with the ego….” and therefore we must practice with discipline and diligence. But few are communicating how radical transcendance of the ego (i-self) actually is! Few are communicating the intimacy of that experience with the intensity it deserves! Few teachers are communicating to the students HOW perception of all phenomena changes after even a small glimpse of this experience of Yoga (via one of the ‘higher’ samadhis). If one were to catch a glimpse, then one could never fully ‘believe’ things to be as they once did. Our understanding and perception of body, mind, thought, space, humans, nature…everything, becomes at once, a cosmic joke and a joyous sacred dance. It is an illusion as much as it is a reflection of creative brilliance. So before we go back to our mats or our cushions for disciplined Yoga practice—which is still just ‘learned ignorance’ in the light of enlightenment or samadhi—ultimately, we must reflect on the radical nature of what this destination of Yoga really means. Contemplate that transformation. Let this contemplation be with you always. It will help keep your life and your practice in perspective.



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