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Practice Is Still Samsara Baby!

The next time you see yourself grasping to your Yoga practice out of insecurity and fear causing an inflated sense of ego and compensation for a lack of self-worth (or you see someone else doing so) you may want to kindly remind yourself or someone else that spiritual practice is still Samsara! It’s still Prakriti! It’s still Maya! Our practice was born from the ego and the conceptual mind that we are attempting to transcend or disidentify with! Authentic Yoga is an incredibly intelligent technique and philosophy. But mostly, it’s a paradox!

It’s a vehicle to get us to transcend the mechanism that created the practice to begin with, namely—the individual ego itself. And until then, it’s a good idea to keep a sense of humor, keep it in perspective, practice with a ‘pure’ motivation, and stay as open-hearted as you can. The ego (ahamkara) when besieged by fear and thereby attachment, will use anything to affirm its authority and attempt to solidify its existence. You don’t need that to happen to be dedicated to your practice.

Indeed, you shouldn’t have fear and attachment motivating you at all, because essentially, you’ll have to purify yourself of that at some point as well. It’s another delusion preventing the state of Yoga to be realized. It’s another toxin invading a potentially transformative relationship: the one between you and your spiritual practice.



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