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Attachment Is Another Word For Fear

Attachment is another word for fear.It’s a descriptive word for what fear does: it attaches. It grasps to an object, idea, person, cause, political movement, social construct, and so forth. Any fear we have attaches to a specific phenomena in our field of perception and then causes us to identify with it. Once this happens, we are in bondage and put our sense of stability, peace, contentment, and value in a temporal, impermanent, samsaric form. We then try to control the phenomena and spend our days trying to find ways to prevent losing it or having it be what we want it to be (because hey, we just superglued our identity to it) causing us to be incredibly vulnerable, victimized, controlling, manipulative, violent, angry humans. The more we live in fear and thereby identify with that which we preceive, the deeper we suffer and the thicker our ignorance becomes.

If man keeps dwelling on sense objects,
Attachment to them arises;
from attachment, desires flare up;
from desire, anger is born;

From anger confusion follows;
From confusion weakness of memory;
Weak memory—weak understanding;
Weak understanding—ruin.

(Bhagavad-Gita 2.62-2.63)

This fuels the fire of delusion. It pushes us away from realizing our true nature—which is beyond form, description, and definition. The ocean of Isness which gives rise to all form.

No wonder it makes us uncomfortable. Why are we trying to squeeze the cosmos into a small fragment of matter, instead of realizing that a fragment of matter is in the belly of the cosmos?

Yoga is the practice of reducing attachment, thereby reducing our fears, thereby creating the conditions for us to become reabsorbed into our true essence.

For Yoga to work, we have to be willing to be fearless and be willing to identify our attachments and release them. Only then will we know what real freedom and liberation is.

And only then can we truly be great humans.




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