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My View

After returning to the neighborhood of Boudhanath in the city Kathmandu in the country of Nepal, I’ve had a lot of time to look out over the sacred, wish-fulfilling Boudhanath Stupa—an image I never tire of seeing. It’s an image that pierced my heart when I first came here 3 years before and it still does. And after many vision-induced contemplations, I’ve come to believe that every human being on this earth has something similar, a “scared view,” if you will. This particular view is as specific as one’s chosen spiritual practice and as one’s connection to a particular land on this wild, diverse earth. This view contributes to opening the doors of our perception to taste something profound. 

My sacred view, undoubtedly, is Boudhanath Stupa. My view is watching people rhythmically return to her wide, terraced, motherly arms everyday knowing she’ll happily bear the weight of every wish, prostration, mantra, every heart break and aspiration. My view is watching the poor and the rich, the ignorant and the wise, the ordained and lay, the young and the old, rub shoulders during every circumambulation. My view is watching her color constantly change day to day, and quietly rejoicing as layers of fresh white paint and saffron are poured over her body to christen a new day of merit making. My view is the steadfast devotion that ordains the Boudhanath Stupa. My view is her. 

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