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Dear India

Dear India, my beloved MOTHER. Our introduction has been filled with surprises and laughter, which was your plan I imagine. I was due for some laughter after a tough year. From your beaches to your mountains, from your Muslim fortresses, Hindu pujas, and Buddhist teachings, you have pushed me to do the unplanned and get everything I hadn’t expected in return. India, you have taken every opportunity to teach me surrender and lead me back to pure love. Now, I fly to my LOVER, my Nepal, a place I’ve dreamed of returning to since I left 2 years and 8 months ago. From the mother to the lover and back again. Dear India, I promise to return to you—to nourish the seeds that have spun out of my being and into your land. One day soon, I shall fall back into your embrace and count the days until I can kiss you again.


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