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An Exploding Coffee Pot & A Meeting: In 3 Parts

The upstairs of the cafe when HH 17th Karmapa was there.



So girlfriend (caroline) and I are all excited to be together at the nunnery and after putting on a pot of coffee start chatting over the breakfast table when all of the sudden BOOM! In disbelief we turn our heads to find the coffee pot totally exploded! Glass shards and coffee everywhere. So there we are thinking (and probably the nuns too) “Holy shit! Thank god no one was standing next to the coffee pot! How did this happen?” Caroline and I couldn’t look at each other while helping clean the mess because we would have burst out laughing. Was it our combined prana in the room that caused the explosion? Regardless, Braun better send a replacement for the defective machine to the nuns or I’m not making anymore purchases from that company. Boom.



Oh my God! Our waiter ran over to us at our table at the cafe we are at and said “The Karmapa is coming!” A few minutes later we saw people running around and then there he was! Caroline and I bowed our heads, hands pressed together and 2 feet away he walked by and looked at us both in a calm, happy gaze and smiled! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What is even crazier is that this normally super busy cafe is totally empty! It’s just caroline and I and the Karmapa’s entourage! Ummm…we are having another coffee!!



So we stayed at the cafe. Caroline got HIT with a wave of love and fell into a mystical state of consciousness (I’m used to this by now..) working to digest all this love as it “burned” up some deep karma in her. Her eyes teared up and she couldn’t speak for 30 minutes. I felt totally grounded and was just so happy. We were so joyous..even HH armed guard was smiling and laughing with us. When HH Gyalwang Karmapa was walking past us on his way out, we stood and bowed. He was speaking to someone but made a point to turn his head and look at me again and flash me a huge smile! AHH! What a day. We asked the waiter if the Karmapa eats there often and he said, “Yes…once or twice a year.” We couldn’t stop laughing! What are the chances? The coffeepot exploded so we would go to the cafe so we would see HH and bask in love. Coffee brought me to the dharma. Yes! My kind of day.



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