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A Buddhist Easter With Jetsunma

This morning Jetsunma opened the teaching with, “Today Jesus has risen!” Laughter filled the hall. Indeed, today is Easter. She said Jesus was a great Bodhisattva and would agree with our teaching today. For the final day of what has been an incredibly intense experience for me (i.e. intense dreams, crying on the floor of the bathroom, my heart feeling like it’s going to explode, odd synchronicities during Jetsunma’s teaching etc…) It ended with my officially taking refuge with her as the preceptor. And not only taking the Refuge Vow and the 5 Precepts, but also taking the Bodhisattva Vow (which is a vow that extends into one’s future lives). To say I felt compelled beyond even my own sense of logic and reason to take these vows now with Jetsunma would be an understatement. For these days I’ve been in a slightly altered universe. For sure, today, Easter Sunday, begins a whole new chapter for me. It begins something that I cannot even grasp, but nonetheless, said “YES” too. I spoke in tears to Jetsunma’s attendant nun about what had been occurring to me and asked if setting up a private meeting at her nunnery this month would be a good idea. She thought it would and told me to call the nunnery. I have another meeting to look forward too….


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