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Finishing Touches

Chapel in Goa

Putting the finishing touches a speech I’m writing about love for a friend’s wedding. Here is a section:

“Love can motivate action but love is not the action. Love can motivate a decision but love is not the decision. And yet, how quickly do we confuse the two. How easily do we confuse love for love’s reflection. How ignorantly do we assume love can come and go, ebb and flow—be packaged in a person, idea or construct—including the institution of marriage and the promise partnership. This too belongs to the realm of nature and nature is limited and impermanent. Love is limitless and eternal. Love transcends all endeavors that spring from it. All thought, word, and deed that arise from love are but temporal, creative acts. They are mere speckles on the face of the universe; a universal presence that is essentially without boundary. Love is not of this world. Love is what gives rise to this world.”


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