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The Best Day In India (thus far)

In a field outside Siolim

After 3 weeks of being on the coast in Goa with it’s sunsets, tourists, trash, hotels, and traffic, Caroline and I were ready to explore inland and find wide open spaces, clean air, and perhaps, if we were lucky find a taste of what if felt like to be in Goa back in the day. Well, we jumped on the scooter and with no real idea of where we were going…we intentionally got lost…only to be found. We found Goa Magic in it’s abundance. We found this insanely beautiful field and stopped by several small Catholic chapels and an amazing Hindu temple on the top of a hill that was so quiet, we were compelled to whisper. The only person there was a little boy practicing his prayers and another man sleeping. Then after a longer drive through dry open land we saw a lake in the distance. We drove to the lake to find a beautiful church where we stopped to meditate. As we were heading out, a man approached us, who introduced himself as “Father Pereira”, the priest. He invited us in for coffee and allowed us inside the 400 year old church he calls home. It was amazing. Father gave Caroline some dates to eat, which she loves and he was very clear that I must put milk in my coffee…raising his voice and commanding me to do so. When he heard I hadn’t eaten “breakfast” in a while he walked out for a second and walked back in with a bag of Lays Sour Cream and Chive potato chips that I ate with more appreciation then I’ve ever eaten a chip. Caroline thought it was hysterical since she knew I loved chips. How Father knew she loved dates and I loved chips, we’ll never know. After our visit, we were invited back for lunch sometime and then Father Pereira jumped on his motorcycle and led us back out to the main road. It was perhaps, our best day in India thus far.


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