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A Bed In Goa

In the last 2 weeks I’ve been on 4 planes, visited 9 cities, slept in 5 hotels, posed for pictures with about 50 Indian men, shaken hands and said, “Hi” to about 200 school children, said, “No thank you, I don’t want to buy” about 500 times, commuted in Indian traffic for about 30+ hours, had chai at 6 roadside chai stands and visited around 12 ancient temples/forts/palaces/monuments. Since Caroline and I landed in Goa we have been harassed by eunuchs, have met some beautiful yogis and travelers, set up a temporary home in Vagator Beach, got a scooter, wandered around the crazy Saturday evening market, had some amazing food and started classes with Rolf and Marci. I’m just starting to feel a little bit human. The kind of humanity that arises from having a schedule, knowing where your bed is, having decent plumbing and finding the place that makes the best lattes. Kiss


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