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Not For The Meek

We’re in Jaipur right now after a crazy crazy ride into what has been, an intimate exploration of Muslim/Islamic culture in New Delhi and Agra. My fav place in Delhi is Lodi Gardens. The most intense and unnerving experience was visiting Hazrat Nizam-ud-din-Dargah for sufi singing. After going to the depths of the islamic neighborhood, removing our shoes and walking through a long winding corridor through dirt, human excrement, filth, flowers and past shops, beggars, babies and the devoted, you spill out over into the temple area, bombarded with sufis singing, throngs of crowds, beating drums, angry men, devoted women reading the Koran, tourists, con men, pick pockets, more beggars and some of the thickest energy I’ve ever experienced in any country, in any social gathering EVER. This spiritual “hang” isn’t for the meek. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t easy and it isn’t all “light”. It’s a total and complete paradox. Our driver, Sammy is Muslim and after we left the temple he met us outside (he couldn’t go in because he hadn’t had a chance to go home and clean himself before attending, per the rules of his faith) We sat outside in the middle of the night and over chai, talked religion which included him trying to prove to me how reincarnation doesn’t exist. We differ there but Sammy and I both share a love of Bollywood films. Bollywood after all, is a universal language. đŸ™‚



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