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Made it to New Delhi safe and sound! I’m going with the driver to pick up Caroline at the airport in an hour or so. Things I’ve learned & experienced so far: 1. purple luggage with hot pink tags and 360 spin wheels is the way to go 2. JFK airport needs more signs to show folks how to get from the domestic terminal to the international terminal 3. when signs fail, the divine steps up. I was sent an Indian girl from Florida who was flying to Chennai and needed to get to the same terminal so she guided me. perfect. 4. the bathrooms and terminal in New Delhi are cleaner then JFK in NYC. Yep. 5. The indians all clapped when we landed which was sweet and then they all got up before the lights were on and seat belt sign turned off and then a few argued with each other about pushing in the line! Haha! Here we go! 6. My airport transport dude wasn’t there (though the hotel swears he was) so I took a taxi and after 3 stops to ask directions, I finally made to the crash pad for tonight. xo


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