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At The End Of My Life

Picture by Andrea Camille Shane

At the end of my life, I have one wish: That I may look back on this human incarnation and see that I left a fierce and relentless legacy of love. 

That all my delusion was progressively washed away and illuminated by pure love as divine insight. love as unending flow—an ocean of isness, of beingness, of the only nectar that leads to true serenity. love without reason. love without condition. love as a field of consciousness unobscured by fear. the love of rumi. the love of all the radiant bodhisattvas. the love of krishna. the love that moves the universe. love as non-grasping. the love that gives rise to my breath, my taste, my body, my thought. the love that is laughing beneath my sadness. the love that reminds me that duality is a dream. the love that melts me into all those who I have called “my beloved.” the love that has been my healing, my baptism, my awakening. love as clarity. love as courageous call to abandon all I think I need. love as ecstatic dance. love as lucid contemplation. love that is already everywhere so it has nowhere else to go. we only have to meet it, to wake up to it’s luminescence, it’s presence, it’s embrace…all the rest…is lila. may my lila, may my earthly dance be committed to love…again and again and again. and when I failed, may I see that I tried and tried again. because love is the only right answer. love is the only right answer.



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