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My New Book!

I’m excited to announce my upcoming book due to be released in early 2012! The first volume of a multi-volume memoir, Spiritual Resuscitation: Notes From A Seeker promises to be a genuine, heart-opening chronicle of a spiritual seeker.
About The Book:

“After a profound experience while attempting to meditate at the age of 13 years old, Sati was firmly placed on the path of spiritual inquiry. Fast-forward 17 years later after almost two decades of study and practice in Yoga, bodywork, dance, and multi-media performance art. Sati is 30 years old and yearning for a change in lifestyle as well as time to immerse herself in the study of Tibetan Buddhist dharma. She heads to Nepal for what she thinks is a 2-month sojourn into philosophical study. But what she finds instead is a drastic reawakening of her heart and a new vision of what she wants her life to be. Compiled from selected blog entries that have been re-edited and an extensive introduction, the book is the beginning of unfolding memoir that will have a new volume published every several years sharing her journey of spiritual awakening through the lens of Yoga, Buddhism, creative practice and ultimately, love.”

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