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I Sat Under You

I sat under your moon tonight. I sat in your darkness. I sat under my luminosity. I sat in my darkness. I dared to look into a single speck of starlight. I dared to look into my story. Then slowly, it all unraveled under examination. Nothing shows me what is in the way of my loving like LOVE. Nothing shows me my conditions like the pure gleam of the unconditional. One more round. Here we go. Get your sword out. Will you use it to pierce your delusion, your narrative, your sad story? I once asked my master if I would fall in love. He said, “It’s your choice.” I got frustrated. What do you mean, it’s my choice?! Love isn’t a choice!” Now I see what he meant. Love isn’t a choice. Love is a state. But we have choice to let it flow through us unobstructed. We have a choice to be fearless. Fearlessness is serenity. “In serenity, all sorrows disappear at once, forever..” (BG 2.65)


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